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My daughter enjoyed her lessons tremendously throughout this year.

Motivation to learn and practice was a key feature of Ms Mauroschadt’s program.
This was instilled through her practice incentive program, rewarding her students for a good performance each lesson, and by being really creative with analogies and

games that help make practicing more enjoyable for my child.

I noticed that my daughter’s technique improved so much

during this one year because there was so much attention to detail.

All this was accomplished without diminishing my child’s interest in the instrument. Kudos to Ms Mauroschadt and we wish you all the best even

as we leave Charlottesville and return to our home.”


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Ms. Mauroschadt has been my daughter's violin teacher for two years.

She started playing the violin at age 4. Through determined and
careful instruction, Ms. Mauroschadt began nurturing a big commitment to the
violin in my daughter. In her studio, Ms. Mauroschadt works with a cheerful and committed group of young violinists. The group lessons are especially a pleasure to
experience and are the highlight of our life with the violin.

Because of my daughter’s experience, I myself have decided to share
this “life-with-the-violin” a little bit more by taking lessons from
Ms. Mauroschadt myself. She proves an excellent and very patient teacher
not only for 4 year olds, but also with adults. Try it yourself!.”

Barbara/Charlottesville, VA

“My children feel such pride after having worked hard to learn a new
piece and master it. The Violin & Piano Studio has been a terrific boost to their confidence. And, I love that Janice has encouraged me to polish my rusty fingers and
play duets with the children. They get a kick out of seeing mommy practice.”

Erika/Keswick, VA