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What to Expect from Music Lessons

Playing a musical instrument is one of the most rewarding activities your child will  experience! It’s fun, challenging and opens children up to a world full of beauty and self expression. If you are new to private music instruction, you may be curious as to what your child’s experience will be like. Here are some things to consider before committing to lessons:

     For starters, it’s important to realize that “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and that learning to play a musical instrument is a process. It takes time and patience.

     Secondly, in order for your child to progress, there has to be a routine of regular practice. You will experience ebbs and flows in your child’s interest, diligence and enthusiasm. This is normal and part of the “process”. In the early stages of your child’s musical development, your job is to just encourage your child to stay the course until he/she matures and embraces practicing for himself/herself. (Yes, it really does happen! Many children ENJOY practicing!)

Suzuki Violin Program (Early Start)

The Suzuki violin program offers private violin lessons and teaching on the Suzuki method for violin to any parents interested in starting a child who is between the ages of 3.5-5 yrs old. The first year of the program will involve the parent learning violin and the basic philosophy of Suzuki philosophy through required reading and regular lessons. During this time, the parent will be nurturing and modeling the love of music and violin playing with their young child. After the first year, the child will then begin to take lessons.

Suzuki Violin Program

The Suzuki violin program offers weekly private lessons as well as group lessons that occur once or twice a month--depending on if your child is a beginner or further along in their musical development. Any child 5 years old or older is eligible for lessons. Parents are required to attend the lessons and practice with their child at home. You and your child will also enjoy the social aspect of meeting other parents who are working with their children in the pursuit of music. A modified Suzuki approach is available for beginning teen students and adults.

Traditional Violin Lessons

Traditional private violin lessons are offered to students who already play violin and also for adults. Beginner through advanced adult students are welcome!

Traditional Piano Lessons

Traditional private piano lessons are offered for beginner through intermediate students.

All beginner piano students are required to attend the monthly group repertoire class. This is a group class where children get to meet other children who are also studying piano. It provides an environment where students perform for one another and where note reading and theory are reinforced.

Recitals and Other Performances

The Studio provides several performance experiences for the children each year. There are two recitals--a Christmas recital and a Spring Studio recital. Along with these performances, the Suzuki violin students participate in the Suzuki Festival at the Strathmore Arts Center in Maryland. To learn more about the Suzuki Festival of the Greater Washington Area, log onto: www.sagwa.org and you can visit the Stratmore Arts Center’s website at www.strathmore.org to find out more about this amazing venue.

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